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Everything great about StarRocks, now with the benefits of the cloud

StarRocks is already the premier SQL engine for blazing-fast real-time analytics, now you can enjoy the added benefits working on the cloud enables.

Accelerated Time-to-Insight
Enhanced Cost-Effectiveness
Lowered IT Overhead

The performance leader for real-time analytics

With StarRocks Cloud, not only can accelerate your query performance, but the productivity of your data team is enhanced as well.


StarRocks takes full advantage of the capabilities that are only possible with a cloud-native solution. Features like elastic resource management, the separation of compute and storage, and a streamlined quick start experience save you and your business time and money.

StarRocks Cloud Diagram
Simplified Quick Start
Separation of Compute and Storage
Elastic Resource Management
We provide booking services for over 1.5 million hotels worldwide. By using StarRocks, we realized high-speed real-time data analysis with an average query response speed of 200ms. Thanks to the unified data analytic

Why StarRocks?

Hundreds of the world's largest enterprises trust StarRocks to help them deliver real-time analytics across their organization for its ability to simplify their complex data pipelines, eliminate the need for de-normalized tables, and process updates and deletes at blazing-fast speeds.

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